Double Cleansing

A few months back, we did a poll on our instagram stories. We asked; do you wash your face with soap and water, do you cleanse with oil, or do you double cleanse?

The majority of our poll takers answered that they simply wash with soap and water. Until a few years ago, I would have answered the same. 

I started oil cleansing to remove makeup from my skin and eyes but, I still found myself reaching for soap afterwards. For me, the combination of these two methods (a.k.a "double cleansing") resulted in smoother, more hydrated, and glowing skin. 

The microbiome of skin is delicate and with that in mind, I began formulating a gentle, all natural liquid soap that I could pair with my cleansing oil. Enter Eden, our botanical, low foaming cleanser formulated with a non comedogenic blend of saponified olive, hempseed, and castor oils and topped with a restorative, certified organic mix of rose water, glycerine, and aloe vera. To take it one step further, I added a respectful touch of ylang ylang and geranium essential oils, both well known for their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Not only does it smell like heaven, Eden is the holy grail of face soap. 

Our complete collection, lovingly referred to in the studio as "Earth Wise" will be released in the coming weeks. I have created this line around the double cleansing method (which I love) and with respect to my (almost) forty-three year old skin which tells the story of my youth and now craves a natural, more gentle touch. 

Our Earth Wise line includes:

Restore: Velvety smooth, cushiony oil cleanser with warm notes of Frankincense (a natural astringent)

Eden: Botanically balanced, low foaming face wash with rose water and aloe

Dew: Certified organic face and body hydrating mist to restore skin's ph with subtle notes of Ylang Ylang and Geranium (all ingredients are certified organic)

Lumin: Vitamin rich facial oil with carrot seed, geranium, and seabuckthorn extract

Fiore: (Added June 2022) Pressed floral serum delivers a restorative dose of vitamins and antioxidants providing instant radiance and long term moisture. 

Nourish: Clay mask with rose clay, chamomile, rosehip seed powder, and pomegranate.

Each of these well-crafted formulas can stand beautifully on its own. However, they have been designed to complement one another in effectiveness and scent story. Full sized and trial sized offerings now available.

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