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welcome to naked goat

meet heather

There was a time in my life when things were moving at such a pace, that I felt like I was simply going through the motions. There was no time to see leaves falling or the morning dew glistening in the garden. Life was a blur.

Nearly a decade ago, time stopped. I was standing alone looking over the pasture, I almost didn’t recognize it. I noticed dandelions floating on the hillside and in the silence, I heard a light wind sweeping through the treetops. It was incredible.

It was then I realized -- clarity lives in moments of stillness.

Taking time to step away from the “noise”, to be alone, and to actually feel the pull that connects each of us to our truest path, is the most simplistic form of self care.

Our line has been formulated to encourage moments such as this. Even the most basic act of cleansing metamorphosizes into a cravable, evolutionary experience that offers time to connect, time to be still, and time to simply breathe.