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Fauna, Rosarium and Cactus all have a story to tell. Which one are you drawn to, which feels most like home to you?

Take time to sit with each individually. Wear them for a few days. How do they mingle with your essence? How do they alter your mood? Do they conjure up memories?

Try Rosarium on one wrist and Fauna on the other. Warm the two together and feel enchanted rose gardens unfold into a hazy night sky. Add Cactus into the mix and experience the trio move together in perfect harmony with spiced florals, primitive musk, warm sandalwood and a bright touch of bergamot.

There is no wrong way to wear them. Make them yours, scent your story and fall in love over and over again.

Cactus c. 2014
Bright, prickly pear flower sweetens a sandalwood foundation. Soft musk stays a while longer leaving traces of a letter you wrote to yourself years ago.

Bergamot | Prickly Pear Flower | Sandalwood


Fauna c. 1957 is the sun, the moon and the stars shining a light to offer guidance and rest in the shadows. By nature, it’s a familiar, animalistic accord pulling you close and calling for your return. Along the way, it’s met by night blooming flora that dances free from form and unfolds into the soul soothing majesty of warm Olibanum.

Egyptian Musk | Night Jasmine | Incense


Rosarium c. 1930 begins with an earthy, root forward Vetiver that gently opens into a layered Centifolia Rose. Unfolding against the warmth of your skin, gentle notes of spice lingers behind like a comforting whisper.

Haitian Vetiver | Vintage Rose | Olibanum

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