An Affair with Jasmine - Our Final Summer Collection


AVAILABLE 8/17/22 at 11 AM EST

Mysterious yet familiar, Jasmine has a way of transporting my thoughts into a lush, dew covered garden. It lingers on my skin and has filled the studio with delicate notes and the sweetest whispers.

Months go, I made myself a Body Oil and Resurfacing Body Polish with many of the same ingredients that I use in Fiore. I have been living in them all Summer and thought it only proper that I make another batch to share.

Our final small batch release for Summer features:

Jasmine + Neroli Soy Candle 8oz

poured into a custom rose colored cement vessel

Jasmine Bath + Body Oil 1oz

with Jojoba Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn CO2

Jasmine Resurfacing Body Polish 2oz

with Sugar & Orange Peel Powder


Jasmine & Peach Green Tea 1oz

with jasmine blossoms and bits of peaches, apples. orange peels, rosehips, white mutan and hibiscus. Made collaboration with CaryTown Teas

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