Each Summer I spend dreaming up our Holiday gifts, by Fall they are well into production.
Our Trifecta event is by far my most favorite because we get to celebrate you, say thank you for another beautiful year and shower you with new and passionately created products that reflect my absolute love and commitment.
This year's collection of gifts may be the best I have ever created and getting them into your hands is something I have been obsessing over for months. 
Our savings code will last until Monday and gifting will continue until all gifts have been given. They may last beyond Monday, or they may be gone before the event ends (I will keep you posted along the way).



Sending you my love and gratitude, always.
Gifts will be included in all orders as outlined below, no code is needed.
Use Code 2TRIFECTA2 to save 15% on all orders over $75 starting
Thursday 11/24 at 7PM - Monday 11/28 at 11:59P

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